11.40 - 11.50 AM CET

Scenario Planning - An integral part of S&OP

During uncertain & highly volatile business environments, understanding demand signals and planning supply response to it becomes a challenge. In such a context, Scenario Planning can help improve the cross-functional collaboration and decision-making process and can potentially be a competitive advantage to the company. Identifying Growth Opportunities, Managing Constraints and Mitigating Risks can be supported by a well-implemented global S&OP process with scenario planning as a vital part of it.

Download Slimstock's whitepaper on S&OP: From strategy to execution

Sandeep Walia
Chief Transformation Officer

11.55 - 12.05 AM CET

Disrupting S&OP with disruption intelligence

Sales and Operations Planning is constantly under pressure from supply disruptions. For many years we have been led to believe that the best way is to handle these uses a cyclical approach with increasingly complex data analysis, pretty graphs, numerous scenarios, and optimization, to find and present the best solution to a very specific problem. Most of the time we are just dancing around the fact that we are uncertain about the certainty.
Understanding the impact of any combination of changes or disruptions is key, including the magnitude, duration and making the translation to how they might shape your future supply chain. Join us to understand how Adexa’s real-time continuous approach to predicting and responding to supply side impact can help organisations to shift focus and take actions at the appropriate time.

Shaun Joughin
Director, Solutions

12.10 - 12.20 AM CET

Integrated Business Planning: think big, act small

An increasing number of companies is embarking on the road to Integrated Business Planning. IBP is the next level up in S&OP and aligns all functional plans into one set of numbers, in line with the company strategy. Successful implementations confirm the high added value potential, but also demonstrate that the road to success is full of hurdles and risks. At Involvation we have defined a range of IBP building blocks, that can be implemented individually and with limited interdependencies. This approach will help to reduce the risk and drive early benefits.

To prepare for the session, download the S&OP Subway Map >>

Hans van der Drift
Partner at Involvation

12.25 - 12.35 PM CET

Optimized Decisions in S&OP Powered By Decision Intelligence

In today's dynamic and highly competitive business environment, S&OP plays a pivotal role in ensuring organizational success. With demand volatility and supply uncertainty higher than ever, the ability to make informed and optimized decisions within the S&OP process is crucial for enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and maintaining customer satisfaction. In this talk, we will discuss the intersection of cutting-edge technologies and decision-making, exploring the concept of decision intelligence as a game-changer in S&OP.

Z. Caner Taskin
Professor at Bogaziçi University, Chief Technology Officer at ICRON

2.00 - 2.10 PM CET

Next Generation of Supply Chain Planning

Volatile times require agile plans. The past years of shifts in customer demands, supply chain disruptions, and macroeconomic twists have revealed the critical need for flexible planning. Legacy planning systems fall short to meet these expectations resulting in organizations to lag months behind. And with Excel, you introduce the risk of manual errors. Pigment, a next-generation planning software, addresses these issues. Join our live showcase to experience the future of supply chain planning!

If you want to see a first glimpse of a Supply Chain use case in Pigment, check this webinar recording.


Will Laurence
GTM Lead, Benelux – Pigment

Jurgen Maas
Planning Expert – Planadigm

Jan Veerman
Managing Partner – Planadigm

2.15 - 2.25 PM CET

Trends in S&OP

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) has been traditionally regarded as a simple process for balancing supply and demand. With the right solution and technology, S&OP can achieve its true potential and become a powerful means for executing on your overall business strategy, a process also referred to as integrated business planning. Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) enables you to implement continuous and forward-looking integrated business planning that profitably aligns product, demand, and supply plans with your strategic and financial objectives. Join me to have a look at Oracle S&OP and review the latest trends we are seeing in S&OP.

Glenn Campbell
Strategy Director Supply Chain Planning - EMEA